• Courtesy call

    Kenyan delegates to the 6th E.A Health and Scientific Conference paid a courtesy call to the Kenyan Embassy on 31st March 2017. 

  • Jamhuri 2016

    Celebration of the 53rd Anniversary of the Republic of Kenya’s Independence on 10th December 2016

  • Kenya Expo Bujumbura

    Burundi drummers at Kenya Trade Investment Expo during the official opening on 5th September 2016

  • Official opening KenyaExpoBujumbura

  • Peacerun
  • Credentials

    Amb. Ken. Vitisia presenting his credentials to H.E Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi on 9th Dec.2015 in Bujumbura

  • Front view of the Chancery

    Front view of the Kenya Embassy Burundi's Chancery

H.E. Kenneth Vitisia, Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya to the Republic of Burundi, conducted a five day provincial tour in the Western and Northern provinces of Burundi from 26th to 31st March 2017. During the tour, he met the provincial governors in their respective provinces and discussed various issues.

Ambassador Kenneth Vitisia started the provincial tour in Bubanza Province where he visited a stadium under construction, an orphanage for children under five and an artificial insemination centre (at Randa). He proceeded to Cibitoke Province and took that opportunity to hold a dinner for the Kenya Nationals resident in that province. He then went to Kayanza and Ngozi Provinces. He visited Ngozi Stadium before proceeding to Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces, where he visited Gasenyi and Kobero borders respectively.

During the meetings with the provincial governors, Ambassador Vitisia indicated that the purpose of his visit was to strengthen the relations between Kenya and Burundi, familiarize with the provinces and understand the current situation in Burundi, by hearing from the governors themselves. He also informed the governors about the Joint Commission that would take place in Nairobi within the next two months.

The Governors welcomed Amb. Vitisia to their respective provinces and thanked him for the visit. They reiterated that peace and security prevail in their provinces despite what Burundi went through in 2015 and security challenges at the Rwandan and DRC borders. They appreciated the cordial relations between Burundi and Kenya and acknowledged Kenya’s support in various sectors. They briefed him on the provinces’ projects which include mainly the construction of schools, health centres, stadiums, provincial, communal offices, etc, done by the population during community works. Most of the challenges highlighted by the governors are related to lack of construction material, food shortage and drought as well as malaria outbreak.

Ambassador Vitisia commended the governors for the role they played in restoring peace and security in Burundi and indicated that Kenya will always assist Burundi wherever possible. He promised that the Kenyan community in Burundi will in the future participate in community works in those provinces.

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