The Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Presidential Circular No. 1/2007 is charged with the responsibility of dealing with the Diaspora and International jobs.

Kenya’s Diaspora Policy

On 20th January, 2015, His Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta, launched redefined Foreign Policy and Diaspora Policy documents, making them public for the first time in history. The documents will ensure proper support of dynamic mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations in trade, investment, taxation, and other areas of national development agenda.

The Diaspora Policy is meant to mainstream and empower Kenyans abroad to effectively make significant contributions to Kenya’s transformation agenda. Thorough the policy, the Government will develop and implement an integrated Diaspora Information System through which the Diaspora can be sustainably integrated into the National development agenda.

Efforts by the Kenya Government to embrace the Diaspora were recognized by the African Union in January 2014, when the Ordinary Session of the Executive Council accepted Kenya’s offer to host the African Institute of Remittance (AIR), which is a cornerstone in harnessing Diaspora resources for social and economic development in Africa

Tax and Customs Information by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) In Support of Kenyans in Diaspora and Returning Residents.

Please see the content sets (below) containing important information on tax and customs matters that may be handy for you as a Kenyan in diaspora or a returning resident.

Content sets on tax and customs matters developed by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in support of Kenyans in diaspora and returning residents.

KRA has also dedicated a communications channel to enhance customer experience for Kenyans in diaspora:

      1. Email and

      2. Telephone no: +254 20 2815103/ +254 281 5119


Do not hesitate to share this information widely with fellow citizens.

Association of Kenyans living in Burundi (AKB)