Kenya - Tourism

Kenya is ultimate Safari destination, providing travelers with a window into the heart of Africa. Located near equator, Kenya’s magic lies in the fact that the country encompasses astounding variety of landscapes and climate, flora and fauna, as well as communities and cultures, home and water sports, a swim with dolphin and adventure.

Between Kenya’s fable Indian ocean coastline in the East to Africa largest freshwater lake (lake Victoria) in the western part of Kenya is a magic carpet ride of rapid transitions between baobab-speckled coastal lowlands, acacia-dotted grassy Savannah and semi-arid plains, lush and picturesque highlands culminating in a snow capped volcanic peak boosting where Afro Alpine vegetation, the great rift valley and Lake Victoria basin. Going to the northern parts of the country takes you to the cradle of humankind, jade sea and some purest desert escape, while proceeding south takes you through the Masai planes which comprise  some of the world most diverse wildlife Parks.

For authentic game drive experience, the annual wild beast migration in the Maasai Mara game reserve is a must see; every year beginning of July to August, the Spectacular dubbed that the 8th new wonder of the world is all for you to experience.

The big five, rare birds and animals, apes, insects and unique Flora find a natural home within this space.

For  birds lovers a visit to Lake Nakuru National Park will open doors to several species  of birds; the lake is however famous for the greatest spectacles of earth flamingos.

Teeing off in one of the top notch Golf Course throughout the countries give tourists right from the shadow of the second highest mountain in Africa mt. Kenya to Pristine beaches. This is from the choice of over 40 Golf courses that Kenya boast of. Where else in the world can you see of in the Northern hemisphere and put in on Southern hemisphere? and in doing so discovered that our high altitude condition at 10% Yardage to your stroke letting you play on a natural high.

Kenya offer a tropical sunshine, blue skies and endless silver white beaches back by waving palm and tranquil lagoons. Kenya is indeed magical and destination  a destination  that many are eager to visit.